The Consortium of Academic and Special Libraries of Saskatchewan (CASLS)

The Consortium of Academic and Special Libraries of Saskatchewan (CASLS) is a diverse community of Saskatchewan libraries committed to collaboration to maximize resources, provide innovative solutions for library users, and to further the missions of their respective institutions. CASLS member libraries deliver library services to a wide range of user groups including students, faculty, researchers, physicians, administrators, professionals, and legislators.

The first CASLS collaborative project was the selection and implementation of a next generation library system which went live on May 15, 2017. According to the Project Manager and CASLS Directors this state of the art system was chosen for a variety of reasons.

“The Ex Libris cloud solution optimally fulfills our requirements through its advanced functionality and system architecture as well as its data migration plan, workflow efficiencies, and ability to integrate with our campus and external systems. Equally as important, we value the strong Ex Libris record of innovation and the company’s well-thought-out roadmap for improving its systems to meet academic and research library needs. The Ex Libris Alma‑Primo combination will serve the CASLS libraries well into the future, with the integration of the system’s workflows in a single interface and plans for new integrations and cooperative initiatives that will now be enabled for CASLS members.”
Carol MacDonald, Project Manager: Head, Systems Development and Implementation, University of Regina
“Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library is committed to building an intuitive digital presence.  By making our library resources more discoverable for our community of users, the next-generation system from Ex Libris is a cornerstone in meeting that commitment.”
Rian Misfeldt, Director, Library & Testing Services , Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library
“Collaboration in CASLS will enable our libraries to share costs and expertise in library service development. Working together enables us to improve services to our users and assists in managing our fiscal pressures.”
Susan Baer, Director, Saskatchewan Health Authority Library