Obligations of Membership

CASLS membership is not limited by geography or library type. All organizations as defined in the CASLS bylaws who meet the conditions of membership below are invited to apply for membership at https://casls.ca/membership/application-procedure/ . There are two classes of membership available: full or associate memberships.

Full Membership requires implementation of the CASLS shared Next Generation Library System (NGLS), currently based on Ex Libris Alma/Primo. A full member is entitled to all privileges of membership including the right to vote at meetings, and the option to opt in or out of other projects undertaken by CASLS.

Associate Membership is available to other organizations not sharing the NGLS but who may be interested in other programs undertaken by CASLS. CASLS encourages prospective members with ideas for potential CASLS projects to contact the Board Chair at https://casls.ca/contact-us/ .

As a condition of membership in the CASLS Consortium, all member libraries will:

  • Embrace the vision, mission and values of CASLS, and actively participate in the activities and work of the consortium
  • Use appropriate and current technologies as required, fostering consistency for the client
  • Ensure that an adequate level of participation in the work of the Consortium is achieved, including participating in all appropriate committees and working groups at an appropriate level (in person or by telephone/video conference), commensurate with activity level and size of the institution
  • Comply with all CASLS policies, standards, process and requirements
  • Ensure financial obligations to the Consortium are met, including annual membership fees

Full members will also:

  • Comply with the Next Generation Library System Services Agreement and related financial obligations
  • Ensure that adequate full-time staff with appropriate library and technological expertise and qualifications are available to manage and maintain the NGLS independently (i.e. without relying on other consortia members for hosting)
  • Willingness and ability to commit to CASLS membership for a minimum of 5 years
  • Commit to ensure physical and electronic holdings are catalogued and discoverable by other members’ organizations